Use of Decorative Teeth Grillz
Grillz are a common type of a jewelry that is usually worn over the teeth for decoration and they are mostly made out of valuable metals. Grillz worn on the teeth can be removed as well as be replaced when there is need although there are those that can be attached to the teeth permanently. The major valuable metals used in making grillz are platinum, silver, and gold which can also be inlaid using a precious stone such as diamond and rubies. Making grillz for the teeth depends on the number of teeth likely to be covered by them and the metal used in making them hence influencing their cost. Grillz can be made easily by reshaping the teeth so that they can fit in the grillz while more recent technologies mold the front teeth of the wearer to make fitting grillz. Check out  Rois D'or 

When choosing the most suitable grillz for one's teeth, one has to make several considerations so that they can get the best grillz. One has to first know where they want to make custom made grillz or they want to get the already made grillz since both are made of different material which ranges from silver, gold and a precious stone. One has also to choose grillz that are not likely to scratch, stain or even corrode to ensure that they last for a long period which can even be a person's lifetime. Taking care of the grillz also includes avoiding drinking and smoking which might expose them to harmful chemicals leading to their damage. A person is also recommended to choose removable grillz over permanent ones which can be removed once in a while including when eating to avoid buildup of bacteria and germs that are likely to lead to damage of the teeth. One should also make sure they chose grillz that are not likely to cause allergic reaction or any reaction in the mouth. Click

Having silver and gold grillz placed on the teeth has several benefits to the wearer of the grillz. Teeth grillz are quite decorative hence most people wear them to look unique including for silver grillz which can be plated with gold giving them a color hue of interest to the person. Grillz are also very important in protecting the teeth from breaking and chipping as well as ensuring that they are properly aligned. Use of teeth grillz does not lead to discoloration by oxidizing the teeth and also ensure that plaque is eliminated between the teeth. More info here